We All Have Rituals. What’s Yours?

At Ritual, we want to make your life easier. We do that by guiding you to proper movement and encouraging you to address/treat your nagging pain! We know that our bodies and brains crave consistency, so we use systems that get you great results without hours of rehab work and/or daily muscle beatdowns! Along the way you will get strong, and realize your amazing potential. If your knees or shoulders referred to as "good one, bad one" you may have a reason for it ... but simply saying things like "oh, it’s always been that way" is a bunch of crap! People take better care of their cars than they do their bodies. Let us help you see the value of doing this consistently, with great technique, to achieve your goal faster than you had imagined!

What's New at Ritual?

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How Does Ritual Work?

Our training process is simple! Everyone goes through the same steps to achieve success with us, and it’s been developed with your best interest and safety in mind! After all, building strength over dysfunctional movement is like building a nice big house on a cracked foundation!

Step 1

Assess Your Pain

As you’ve probably noticed, we take pain pretty seriously! Whether it’s a clicking shoulder, stiff low back, jammed wrist, or more serious injury, we want our students to be real with themselves! Learn helpful stretch tools to get you out into the world of movement! Even minor pains can de-rail our focus, so taking care of them early saves you time (and money) later!

Step 2

Assess Your Movement

Once you have your pain situation under control, you’ll be ready to start moving like a kid again. Think it’s a waste of time? Hardly! The ability to move smoothly with control and grace is not only good for your body, it’s good for your BRAIN! When the body moves freely, the nervous system is happy, and you will feel remarkably better! We teach our students to rate their "success" based on how they feel, instead of simply how they look.

Step 3

Build Awesome Strength!

Once you have a feel for moving well, you will naturally begin to challenge yourself with new movements, lifts and variations in training. Our students boast very impressive strength, without the rigorous 6-day training schedules and endless sets and reps. When you enjoy your training, and get proper rest between sessions, you are guaranteed to make noticeable changes to how you feel!

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What Kind of Classes Do You Offer?

We are proud of our ever evolving class selection. As our team grows, and our feedback comes in from the students, we continue to deliver the highest quality classes available! Whether you need stretching, movement training, kettlebell, conditioning, or something a little more out of the box, we have something for everyone! With small classes (typically 6-8 people max), you can expect lots of help from your coach, and a friendly atmosphere to learn and grow in!

What's This Going to Cost Me?

Although we would love for everyone to say "my wellness is priceless," we understand that budgets for this sort of thing come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t like greasy sales tactics, and we will never corner you into buying something you aren’t ready for. We have many options for participating in the programs and classes at Ritual. Our stand alone programs, workshops, and memberships all have different price points, so we’ve outlined them below.

Workshops - $20 and up
Courses - $149 and up
Personal Training - $70/session and up
Small Group Personal Training - $50/session and up
Membership - $115/mo up to $219/mo

Kickstarter - $149

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Ritual is proudly affiliated with StrongFirst, a recognized leader in worldwide kettlebell and strength training.

Meet the Ritual Team!

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