About Ritual Conditioning - Edmonton's Premier Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training Facility

Think about strength for a second ... Do you think about moving big things? Doing lots of reps? Scaring people? What if we thought of strength as “the ability to move with ease, grace, control, and without pain, regardless of the movement?” What if strength was a way for us to know and master our unique body? What if you actually enjoyed improving your strength?

We like the idea of using strength as a tool far better than having to sacrifice ourselves to obtain it. It sounds dramatic, we know. But think about how many times we’ve been programmed to gauge our workouts on how “destroyed” we were, or how it “killed” our legs. For far too long, we’ve assumed the “no pain, no gain” mentality was the way to add reps and weight to our lifts. What the hell kind of approach is that? Aiming for destruction only leads to nagging injuries, caused by poor form, shitty movement, and overdoing it. Putting in tons of reps with bad movement just leads to you getting stronger at moving badly, and compounding your risk of injury. Is that a long term strategy? We don’t think so, either.

At Ritual, we want you to get strong, so life gets easier. We guide you to proper movement and encourage you to address and take care of your nagging pain. Are your knees “good one, bad one,” or left and right? Saying things like “oh, it’s always been that way,” is bullshit, and you know it! People take better care of their cars than they do their bodies. Let us help you get from “that’ll never heal,” to “I’m kicking myself for not doing this years ago!”

We approach strength the smart way. This DOES NOT mean that we don’t take strength seriously. Our members get crazy strong! But they get there organically, building on responsible progress and not chasing numbers. Our students move better, have fantastic coordination and control, and have real world strength that has their peers asking, “how the hell did you just do that?” Best of all, they love coming here. The environment is the x-factor. Anyone can talk the talk, but creating an empowering environment where people want to train is our key responsibility.

If you’re tired of falling into the couch, crawling out of bed, having a declining physique or feeling like you’re 20 years older than you are, we have a spot for you! This is a gym for the people who don’t need competitions to motivate them. This is a gym for real people who want to live a great life, free of pain when they move. We are so confident in our process that we guarantee you’ll feel stronger and more mobile in 90 days, or we’ll refund your entire investment!

What Do We Offer?

Group Training

Looking for Kettlebell training, HIIT, Stretch, TRX? With our group training, every workout, regardless of program, is designed with your success and overall well-being in mind.

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Personal Training

Whether you're trying to get drafted, chasing a goal, or you just want to improve your overall wellness, Ritual training is the answer for one-on-one personal training.

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Calisthenic exercises combine skill and strength elements, with a particular focus on core strength. The body’s leverage is the key to building strength and moving on to more advanced progressions.

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