In Greek, Kalos Thenos means 'beautiful strength'. Today, it's called calisthenics. This class uses gymnastics and bodyweight training elements to build flexibility, motor control, spatial awareness and strength – beautiful strength! Don't let the word 'gymnastics' turn you off. Gymnasts have incredible ability and amazing bodies for good reason… because the training is legit!

Calisthenic exercises combine skill and strength elements, with a particular focus on core strength. The body's leverage, not adding weights, is the key to building strength and moving on to more advanced progressions. In addition, mobility and flexibility components are included to improve your overall movement. Our coaches are more focused on how well you move than how many reps and set you perform. Forget that crap, it's time to focus on getting better!

We have beginner calisthenics classes, as well, for those who are new to the idea of hanging from rings and learning how to bail on handstands. This brings with it a unique range of exercises most people have never tried before, and certainly adds an element of fun to the mix. The end result is a body and strength that is truly beautiful.

Group Limit: 6 people

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