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Dear personal trainer: This is the P/T opportunity that may not be for you

If you’re the ‘different’ trainer…
The one on the fringes of mainstream “fitness”…
Because you prefer to work with the body rather than machines…
But have clients who rave about you...
Because your workouts are fun…
And effective…
And help them live better lives…

But you also…
Haven’t found the right gym where you feel like you actually belong…
And are sick and tired of the sideways glances you get because you’re brave enough to try different things because they just might work…
And are tired of the commercial globo-gym overlords making you stick to their soul-crushing corporate agenda…
And are tired of giving those same greedy overlords your hard earned dollars!

Then thank your lucky stars because this is good news for you…

Ritual is looking for personal trainers!

Ritual is a private gym, ones that believes in letting trainers be themselves and explore their niche, build their career and most certainly have fun doing so. Soul-crushing bureaucracy and corporate agendas suck and you won’t find them here!

This is an opportunity for you to do you own thing. Those sideways glances will be of curiosity and interest, not judgement.

However, as you know, opportunity doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package…

The gym is old-school – traditional training tools and a set up you’d find in a gym from 100 year ago. Yes, there are tried-and-true tools you’d find in every gym... but if it’s acres of machines ye be seeking, ye best seek elsewhere. This is a unique gym...if you get it – what we do - you’ll love the place.

personal trainer job, edmonton

Ritual boasts:

  • Ample open floor space
  • Gymnastic rings and other gymnastic strength tools
  • TRXs
  • A huge selection of kettlebells
  • Climbing ropes
  • Airdyne bikes
  • Rowers
  • A squat rack
  • A full set of dumbbells from 5 to 50 lbs.
  • A giant tire, good for smashing with hammers or trying to flip
  • AND med balls, battle ropes, sand bags, Bulgarian bags and more
  • Plus there are showers on site
  • And last, but certainly not least, a really awesome vibe!
ritual conditioning gym, edmonton

What’s in it for you?

It’s got to be a good fit both ways, right? So, here’s what the right trainer can expect from this opportunity:

  • More money in your pocket – a fair pricing arrangement means the majority of your hourly fee goes to you. Not only that, but there is a cap – we will flip from you paying a percentage to a flat rental fee when it makes sense and you can make it work consistently. No more stuffing your hard earned money into the globo-gym’s greedy overlord’s pockets!
  • Be your own boss – this is an opportunity to run your own business without the costs that come with owning a facility. The right trainer will relish this!
    • Set your own schedule (there are a few restrictions) – 5 am to 4:30 weekdays, Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday are available.
    • Enhance your sales and marketing skills – you will find your own clients (right trainer = go getter) and they will be yours, not tied to the gym should opportunities take you elsewhere
    • No corporate agenda – but you have to play nice with others and be a good person.
  • Being one of a select few – there are only a few openings available. You won’t be competing for space with a gaggle of other trainers.

This opportunity might be for you if:

  • You’re self-motivated and want to call your own shots
  • Open-minded and love learning,
  • A good person who truly cares about others,
  • Focus more on function than form (cause otherwise the gym won’t make sense),
  • And if you’re seeking a place where your uniqueness is celebrated.

But, this isn’t for trainers who:

  • Count reps while someone sits on a machine
  • Can’t put their phone away while training someone
  • Are confused because there aren’t any machine
  • Jump around from gym to gym looking for the best deal
  • Are jerks.
ritual conditioning gym, edmonton

If this sounds like an opportunity you’re seeking, please send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. If you want to teach a group class, we can certainly talk about it.

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