small group conditioning, Edmonton

Small Group Conditioning

This program is built to get students in great condition in short order. The programming is straightforward, and will test you physically and mentally. Students can expect very high intensity work intervals, swearing under their breath, and lots of sweat. The silver lining in this class is longer, responsible rest times.

Some of the equipment used here will include rowers, AirDyne Bikes, ropes, sandbags and slam balls. We didn’t make this program to make friends; we made it to make you better!

Group Limit: 6 people

Circuit Conditioning

These popular classes utilize the whole gym space, and run through 7 stations on set time intervals. This is where we bring out all the toys (Bulgarian bags, ropes, kegs, sled etc.) for a chance to step out of your comfort zone, get your heart rate up, and have a blast doing things we simply can’t use in our smaller classes. Pick your starting place carefully because you will undoubtedly have a favorite and a “that looks like it’s going to be bullshit” station in every workout. Half the fun is finding out which one will be the real challenge, and you may be surprised at how capable you really are! What you need to know is that we thoughtfully build every circuit to hit all the check boxes for challenge, balance, and result. Check your ego at the door, everyone learns something new in circuit conditioning, and we all get better together!

Class Limit: 14 people

What Else Do We Offer?

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Personal Training

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Calisthenic exercises combine skill and strength elements, with a particular focus on core strength. The body’s leverage is the key to building strength and moving on to more advanced progressions.

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