Ritual is Edmonton’s Only Gym That Focuses on Kettlebells, Calisthenics and Community

Our students build real strength using tried-and-try training methods and tools that make their lives easier. In other words, they gain 'anytime, anywhere' strength they use can for any challenge life throws at them.

We also have a community of outstanding people who like to laugh, spend time together, and have fun while they exercise. Our students look forward to coming to the gym!

KETTLEBELLS – An Amazing Tool

Kettlebells are:

  • A 300-year-old tool – nothing sticks around that long, especially in the fitness world, if it doesn’t work!
  • Awkward and heavy – most things we lift in life are either of those or both. Using a training tool that makes it easier to lift those types of things, like a big bag of dog food, makes sense!
  • Versatile - they can be swung, pulled, pushed, pressed, thrown and used in a endless number of ways. You never run out of things to do!
  • Loved by people who use kettlebells – because they build endurance, core strength, power, and durability so that you stand taller, move better and feel younger!

To get all the benefits of using kettlebells, you have to learn to use them safely. That means finding a qualified instructor.

Coach Beth knows kettlebells and teaching people to use them properly! She is certified with Strongfirst Girya (SFG), the world leader in kettlebell strength training. In fact, she has her skills so well dialed-in that they asked her to help teach other kettlebell instructors!

kettlebells gym, edmonton

CALISTHENICS – Beautiful Strength

In Greek, Kalos Thenos means 'beautiful strength.' It's a perfect way to talk about the type of strength this gymnastic-based, bodyweight training style builds.


  • Builds core strength like crazy! So much of what you do in calisthenics starts with the core, and more core strength is a great thing
  • Makes you move better – ‘motor control’ is the technical term but moving beautifully sounds cooler
  • Increases flexibility and agility – who can’t use more of that?

The best thing about calisthenics? It’s probably the most fun you’ll ever have exercising! It’s really adult play and you’ll do things you haven’t done since you were a kid. Who couldn’t use more play in their life?

Calisthenics…have fun, get strong, and build beautiful strength!

Coaches Sarah and Ryan know how to get you there.

calisthenics gym, edmonton

COMMUNITY – A Tribe You’ll Love

Ritual proudly boasts an amazing group of people. These are the kinds of folks you want to spend time with. They are interesting, better, support you and make you feel better for being with them.

Small class sizes build community. It allows you get to know your classmates, be yourself and express your opinions. You will feel like you belong there.

Imagine how good it will feel to look forward to going to the gym!

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