Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never lifted kettlebells before?

We know how nerve-racking it can be to step into a room full of new people and try to keep up. That’s why we offer our Kickstarter program for all new members. Four mobility sessions and 4 skills sessions over 4 weeks with our coaches, focused specifically on fundamental skills you need to hit the ground running when you join the standard group training. These skill sessions give our members the confidence they need to let them enjoy and soak up the positive energy in our group training sessions!

Will I get bored of the workouts?

We pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality instruction to all of our members. This isn’t exclusive to kettlebells! Our passion spills into areas like bodyweight conditioning, gymnastics/calisthenics, and quality movement patterns. This means that workouts will incorporate skills and equipment from all of these practices. As our coaches master new techniques, the information is rolled out to the members at the appropriate time. We’re not a bunch of jabronis who see something cool on Instagram, then teach it the same day. We want you to succeed, we want you to improve, and most of all, we want you to be excited about your new abilities!

If I lift weights, won’t I get big?

Kettlebells training has been documented in Russian literature for approximately 300 years. Strength and endurance are staples in Russian culture and there is no argument that kettlebells are ideal for developing full body strength and muscular endurance, without all the bulk of traditional 'bodybuilding' style strength programs. Most people have no idea how hard it is to “get big.” Ask a bodybuilder! You’ll be happy with how you’ll look and feel after a few months, we’re sure of it!

Will strength training help me lose weight?

Weight loss is a complicated journey for many people. With lots of moving parts (activity, diet, stress, etc.) there can be a lot of ups and downs. That said, strength training is essential when trying to lose weight, because without any muscle mass, you body is less able to perform daily functions… plus, you may end up looking like a giant hotdog. (aka skinny-fat)

I have a bad knee/shoulder, can I still do kettlebells?

Our training promotes FULL ranges of motion. If you have past injuries, "bad" joints, or poor flexibility, Ritual's programs will train the body back into ranges of motion you once thought lost. Joint mobility, muscle flexibility and tendon/ligament strengthening are all positive effects of responsible strength training. No more bitching and moaning!

Are kettlebells really bad for your back?

Proper technique ensures that your spine is protected. Don’t be fooled by people imitating kettlebell movements, or trying to mimic YouTube videos. Qualified instructors will show you the proper progressions to not only protect your spine, but strengthen your back muscles and even improve your posture!