Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen kettlebell and calisthenics workouts on the Internet. They look intimidating. Will they be too hard for me?

Absolutely not! We make the workouts are good for anyone because:

  • You get a coach, not a class – well, ok, you do sign up for a class, but it’s small (8 people max). That means you’ll get individual attention from the coach. You will know your doing things the right way!
  • Coaches who coach – Our coaches don’t exercise with the class. That way, they can watch what you are doing. That means they can modify exercises and give you tips so that you get the most from your workout.
  • Modify, modify, modify – we all have our own unique ‘challenges’ – different levels of strength, ability and injuries. Our coaches can modify any and every exercise so you will never feel left out.
  • You’re empowered - No pain, no…forget that old fitness slogan! If you feel pain, you stop! And if you need a break, you take it.
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Isn’t it cheaper to join a big box gym?

Yes, it is. It’s also a different experience and, sad but true, not always a positive one. Many people leave the big box gyms feeling worse then when they first get there…

We offer a different experience, one the big box gyms can’t offer:

  • You get a coach, not a class – small classes and coaches who don’t work out with the class means you get individual attention, even in a group
  • Community – at Ritual, you join a tribe, not just a gym. You’ll meet people you like seeing and talking to, and who know your name! You’ll feel like you belong because you will belong.
  • Guidance – you won’t have to plan a workout or figure out ‘what to do.’ Just show up and we’ll give you a full body workout each class. Sometimes the hardest part is just showing up.

I barely know what a ‘kettleball’ is, let alone use it. Frankly, I’m kind of scared of them. Now what?

We don’t know what a kettleBALL is either! Ha! However, we do know KettleBELLS! We’ve trained with them for years and have a ton of experience teaching others to use them safely and effectively.

All you need to do is show up and we’ll teach you how to use them. Our Kickstarter program takes care of that. It’s 4 semi-private sessions focusing on teaching you proper technique and form. Once you're done, you will feel confident joining the regular classes.

Chances are, you’ll learn to love the kettlebell. It’s such a simple yet effective tool you can use in so many ways. What you'll really love is what your body will be able to do after training with them!

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Are you a crossfit gym?

Nope. We use similar tools – except for the Olympic lifts– but our system is different. We focus on form, not speed. We also don’t compete with each other or for time. Victories in the gym are personal ones, not over others.

I’m interested in calisthenics. Some of the moves I’ve seen look so cool, but they seem too hard for me. Should I take the class?

Absolutely! That’s because you start with the basics. All those cool moves are built on a foundation of strength you can only get from the basics. Our coaches, Ryan and Sarah, can do some cool things, but only because they worked on the basics. Once you have the basics down, they can also take you to the next step!

They can help you on your own Calisthenics journey. The added bonus…it’s so much fun! Even the basics feel like play!

There’s a secret about those cool, sexy moves people post videos about you probably don't know. What those people haven't shown is all the hours they put in mastering the basics to get to that sexy cool moves.

Are kettlebells bad for your back?

Yup…but so are dumbbells, barbells and any weight you lift improperly! Heck, poor posture and tight hips that come from sitting too much are also ‘bad for your back!’

That’s why you start with the Kickstarter course. We teach you how to lift and use kettlebells properly so your safety is never an issue. When you use kettlebells the right way, they will actually improve your posture, strengthen your back and build a strong butt, which is so important for stable hips.

Ugh. I hate gyms. Is yours actually different?

I hear you! Commercial big box gyms can be horrible places filled with judgmental, unfriendly people, complicated (and not really useful) machinery, and a creepy vibe.

Ritual is different because:

  • the consult is a screen. We want people who fit and get what we’re about. That’s not everyone and that’s ok. Those who do love it.
  • the people here are awesome. They talk to each other! No cell phones or ear buds are ever used during workouts.
  • laughter is a must. It’s exercise and it can be fun. Who doesn’t like laughing? You will laugh at Ritual!

Double Ugh. I hate exercise. It’s boring.

There’s a whole world of fitness and exercise the mainstream media hasn’t talked about. The one they have is indeed boring – bodybuilding exercises and cardio and two hours at a big box gym? No thanks!

The truth is, exercise comes in many forms. We love kettlebells and calisthenics because we want your life to get easier for you. Call it exercise for the real world.

You’ll love our workouts because they have a ton of variety and you’ll have fun doing them. Our madness does have a method, too. There are certain movements we include in our workouts so you always get a full-body workout. Chances are you’ll do stuff you never did before…and enjoy it!

Here’s the easy part – all you need to do is show up. We take care of the rest! No planning or guesswork requires, and you’ll get what you need by spending an hour with us!

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