Group Training Classes

All our group training classes are designed to:

  • Give you balanced, full-body work every time you train so that a few visits each week are all you need
  • Offer a ton of variety in their design so you’ll never know what to expect when you arrive
  • Give each student a coach, not a class. Since classes are 8 people max and the coaches coach (not do the workout) means you get personal attention normally found only in personal training
  • Movement-based program design. We build in variety but the workouts are designed so you perform key movements that help your body move better and get stronger
  • Make you laugh and have you leave the gym feeling better than you did when you got there
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Kettlebell Group Training

Ritual is known for its kettlebell training. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching and using the bells so you will learn how to use them safely and effectively.
Class size: 8 people

Our group class offers:

  • High quality instruction and personal attention so you’ll always feel confident about what you’re doing
  • More than 120 kettlebells ranging from 4kg to 56kg, so you can progress steadily
  • Bodyweight elements because moving your body can be just as much fun as moving a bell
  • Modifications to accommodate any skill level or injury

StrongFirst Kettlebells

StrongFirst is the undisputed world leader of ‘hardstyle’ kettlebell training, a style that focuses on building strength, explosive power and all-around durability.
Class size: 8 people

This class:

  • Is taught by Beth Acton, an SFG-certified coach
  • Focuses heavily on kettlebells and the six essential kettlebell lifts: the swing, the snatch, the clean, the squat, the press and the Turkish Get up
  • Includes mobility and flexibility work to unlock your hidden power and strength
  • Is suitable for any ability level from beginner to advanced

Kettlebell Kickstarter - It's important that you to learn to use kettlebells properly, so your first step is to take the Kickstarter program. It is four semi-private classes that focus on teaching you proper technique so that you'll be ready to join the regular classes full of confidence and correct kettlebell form!

$219, includes unlimited classes for one month

Note: Calisthenics memberships and punch cards do not need the Kickstarter.


Calisthenics means ‘beautiful strength’ and is exactly what this class builds for you!
Class size: 8 people


  • Uses gymnastics and bodyweight training tools [rings, stall bars, and floor work (no tumbling!)] and methods so you get beautifully strong
  • Also improves flexibility, movement, and spatial awareness, as well as building amazing core strength
  • Might be the most fun you’ve had exercising! There are times when it will feel more like play than exercise and will build cool skills, like the handstand, that your friends will admire
  • Creates a strength foundation to build on. Mastering the basics is key to getting better at Calisthenics, and that means anyone from beginner to advanced can take the class

HIIT / Stretch

Simple and effective, this class offers 30 minutes of high intensity interval training, followed by 20 minutes of targeted stretching.
Class size: 8 people


  • Follows Tabata or similar high intensity work/rest training intervals, which research shows is an extremely effective form of exercise
  • Gives full recovery between sets. You can put your full effort into your work and get the most out of it because you’re ready for it
  • Finishes with stretching so you leave feeling limber, relaxed and satisfied after a hard workout

Small Group Conditioning

Small Group Conditioning gets you in great shape quickly!
Class size: 6 people

Small Group:

  • Offers straightforward programming that tests your physical and mental sides
  • Uses very high intensity work intervals, with adequate rest (different than HIIT), so you work hard, sweat your butt off and feel like you accomplished something
  • Includes the use of rowers, AirDyne bikes, ropes, sandbags, slam balls and hammering on the giant tire so you push your heart rate and get great results!  

Circuit Conditioning

One of our most popular classes! We use the entire gym and bring out all the toys – sandbags, ropes, rowers, medicine balls…and anything else we have – for the workout.
Class size: 14 max (2 people x 7 stations)

Circuit conditioning:

  • Is over before you know it. Time flies because of the variety of exercises we include..and the fun you’re having!
  • Features the same balance of movements we design every workout around so you will know you got a balanced full-body workout.
  • Will teach you that it’s not where you start, but where you finish that’s important!

Personal Training

We also offer personal training. Please contact us so we can set you up with the best fit and the best chance for your success.

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Membership Information


One time per week - $115/month

2x/week - $179/month

Unlimited - $219/month Best Value

Unlimited Calisthenics - $179/month
(includes Circuit Conditioning classes)

Punch Cards

All-Access Punch Card $299
(must have completed the Kickstarter program)

Calisthenics Punch Card $225

Book your consult to determine the best option for you.

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