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group fitness training, Edmonton

All Ritual Conditioning classes are designed to give you balanced, full body work every time you train. Our classes are not what you see at globo gyms, or your community center, with run-of-the-mill bootcamp workouts and a bunch of fitness fluff to keep you busy and sweaty for 45 minutes. Bodyweight training elements are always part of the equation, regardless of the program, because you need it! Scoff all you like about how silly, or awkward bodyweight training seems… it probably feels that way because you’re not good at it (yet)! You will improve, and it will suck way less as you continue your training, we promise!

We want every student to feel that they’ve improved in some way with every visit to the gym. Every workout, regardless of the program, is designed with your success and overall well-being in mind. Leave your shoes in your bag, leave your phone and headphones in your car. It’s time for a human experience, unplugged! Our “no phones, no shoes, no ego” approach is a proven way to get you to your goals in a fun and engaging way.

We have a few different approaches to our group training, and they all have their own unique merit! Every workout is created from scratch every day, and we can ensure that you’ll never be able to predict exactly what your training will have in store. What you will see is that you will always leave with a smile on your face.

kettlebell training, Edmonton

Kettlebell Training

Ritual is known for its kettlebell training. With a wealth of knowledge and experience between the three coaches, we pride ourselves on being open-minded in order to find the best way to teach students the proper way to use kettlebells. We’re too busy helping our students to stand on a soap box and boast about our own PRs, or care about what other gyms do with bells. Our program operates in small groups to ensure the best quality instruction for the students. With an inventory of more than 150 kettlebells, we have the right tool for people of all abilities. This program is easily scaled to be accessible to beginners and challenging for even the most seasoned of athletes. We will challenge you, but we won’t make you puke because that is NOT cool. Students can expect to grow stronger, improve their balance, and learn to move fluidly, in full range of motion, without pain in their joints

Group Limit: 8 people

HIIT / Stretch

Back by popular demand! This method offers 30 minutes of high intensity interval training, followed by 20 minutes of targeted stretching, as a group. Students will predominantly use kettlebell and bodyweight movements for the interval training, which is based on time, not reps. No need to count, just keep moving and put your whole ass into your effort! You get proper rest between work sets, which you can use to catch your breath, or shoot sad puppy eyes at the coach in a (futile) attempt to get easier movements. The real redemption comes during the stretch portion, which is led by a coach to ensure proper technique to achieve relaxation of the mind and the targeted muscles. These days are a lot of fun. You will leave feeling amazing, and proud of all the hard work you did!

Group Limit: 8 people


Ever see people using black and yellow straps to workout in a strange and different way? Those are called TRX straps, and we love them! With enough TRXs for everyone, and a plethora of TRX specific movements, we spruce up workouts with challenging variations to build up stability, improve posture, and provide new challenges for people who are looking for that ‘holy shit, this is tough’ moment in their training! The beauty of TRX is that it can be adapted for all levels of strength, and it’s actually fun… for real!

Class Limit: 8 people

Rusty Robot

Rusty Robot class is our guided stretch and meaningful movement program. Here you will start with a quick movement assessment each day, and then choose targeted stretches and mobility movements to correct and increase range of motion, improve joint function, and relieve tight muscle discomfort. We believe that movement and stretching is the best way to communicate with and get to know our bodies to identify what we need to feel our best. Bury your pride, and Rusty Robot can help you recover from nagging injuries, improve posture, and prevent injuries in the future! One visit to Ritual will show you that nobody looks down on spending quality time on your stretching and mobility here. If you deal with your issues (be it physical or crippling emotional issues), you will succeed with ease!

Group Limit: 6 people


In Greek, Kalos Thenos means ‘beautiful strength’. Today, it’s called calisthenics. This class uses gymnastics and bodyweight training elements to build flexibility, motor control, spatial awareness and strength – beautiful strength! Don’t let the word ‘gymnastics’ turn you off. Gymnasts have incredible ability and amazing bodies for good reason… because the training is legit!

Calisthenic exercises combine skill and strength elements, with a particular focus on core strength. The body’s leverage, not adding weights, is the key to building strength and moving on to more advanced progressions. In addition, mobility and flexibility components are included to improve your overall movement. Our coaches are more focused on how well you move than how many reps and set you perform. Forget that crap, it’s time to focus on getting better!

We have beginner calisthenics classes, as well, for those who are new to the idea of hanging from rings and learning how to bail on handstands. This brings with it a unique range of exercises most people have never tried before, and certainly adds an element of fun to the mix. The end result is a body and strength that is truly beautiful.

Group Limit: 6 people

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Calisthenic exercises combine skill and strength elements, with a particular focus on core strength. The body’s leverage is the key to building strength and moving on to more advanced progressions.

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