We have many ways for people to join Ritual! Our stretch pass is valid for Rusty Robot classes only, and is perfect for the already active person who simply needs a stretch/mobility class. We also have ongoing programs a la carte, which do not require membership to attend. These passes can be purchased below.

Memberships are the best value per visit for all other training. Everyone starts with a 2-week kickstarter program, which costs $149. In these 2 weeks, you will attend 2 bodyweight classes, and 4 kettlebell skill development classes. This gives you a proper introduction to our programs, and ensures that you feel comfortable when it’s time to hit the ground running on your own! Following your first two weeks, memberships range from $115 to $219 per month. Memberships provide more class choices (including our famous kettlebell training), free open gym time, and allow you to experience all the other benefits Ritual has to offer! If you are interested in a membership, please contact us to set up an appointment to meet us in person!