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Jobs At Ritual Conditioning

Yoga Instructor

Are you a certified yoga instructor that feels overlooked in the vast sea of yoga instructors in Edmonton?
Are you the type of person who has a clear vision as to WHY you do what you do (that isn’t just for the paycheque)?
Do you feed off the accomplishments of your students?
Do you want to be part of a movement that actually helps rid people of their nagging pain when they move?

Ritual Conditioning is a community where people come to learn how to move without pain, get stronger, and leave with renewed self-confidence.

We need someone legit to teach drop-in yoga classes over the lunch hour (and more, if desired) at our private gym. We are adding a very important yoga component to our program schedule, which will help our students learn to value the “yin” side to their fitness journey. Everyone seems to be all or nothing, which just isn’t healthy.

We believe yoga:

  • Teaches proper breathing
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Develops self-awareness
  • Improves range of motion
  • Contributes to anyone’s overall performance
  • Isn't hard core and pretentious
  • Allows people to slow their damn life down (for a change)

If you're centered (not self-centered), and want to be paid based on the quality of your work, this is your chance. This gym is different, and we're in the business of making life easier for people, and making them feel better than they’ve ever felt.

Does this fire you up? GREAT! Check out the rest of our website and see what we're about, then email us your resume. Then we’ll see if you’ve got what it takes!

Email your resume to jobs@ritualconditioning.ca

Personal Trainer

Would you rather teach someone how to use their body, instead of counting while your students rep out on 15 machines during their workout?
Do you preach inclusion, and not isolation, of muscle groups?
Do you believe that being strong and moving well are more important than aesthetics?
Are you the “different trainer” at your gym?

Ritual Conditioning is a private gym where students come to get stronger, remove nagging pain, and tap into their potential as athletes and all around confident human beings. We don’t gauge the quality of our training by how extreme it is. In fact, we don’t care at all about how extreme it is! We DO gauge the quality of our programs based on the experience and progress of the student. After all, they come to us for expert guidance to get to their goals.

Under your care, students must:

  • Address poor movement/pain
  • Be challenged and mentally engaged in each session
  • Become stronger
  • Move better, in better ROM and without pain
  • Have fun!
  • Rave about their experience!

What we want in a coach is someone who:

  • Has a great attitude every time they show up for work
  • Has an open mind to new methods that aren't "fitness fluff”"
  • Believes there is always more to learn
  • Leads by example, and doesn’t just sit back and criticize
  • Is a team player that doesn’t throw co-workers under the bus
  • Truly values physical ability over aesthetics
  • Wants to change the modern convention of what "fitness" is to the public

If you are looking for a gym where you can work with like minded professionals to help athletes, weekend warriors, desk jockeys and anyone aspiring to move better, we would love to meet you! Ritual is not a CrossFit box, bootcamp, or MMA gym. There are no treadmills, ellipticals, tanning beds, or gimmicks! We focus predominantly on bodyweight, kettlebell and barbell training to teach people how to get strong and move pain free. We want to grow our team with your unique set of skills and personality.

Are you ready to jump on board? GREAT! Check out the rest of our website to see what we’re about, then e-mail your resume to jobs@ritualconditioning.ca!