Personal Training

Ritual offers personal training services for those clients looking to learn how to lift properly, perfect their kettlebell skills, or simply get back into shape. Our training will get you to the next level! Personalized training plans ensure progress with every session, taking your individual strengths and weaknesses into consideration, to make you the strongest person possible. Movement, heavy lifting, agility, isometrics, conditioning and bodyweight training all play a role in developing powerful and skilled athletes.

Whether you're trying to get drafted, chasing a goal, or you just want to improve your overall wellness, Ritual training is the answer.

Personal training is typically reserved for daytime availability. Please contact us for more information.

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What Else Do We Offer?

Group Training

Looking for Kettlebell training, HIIT, Stretch, TRX? With our group training, every workout, regardless of program, is designed with your success and overall well-being in mind.

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Calisthenic exercises combine skill and strength elements, with a particular focus on core strength. The body’s leverage is the key to building strength and moving on to more advanced progressions.

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Join our Small Group or Circuit Conditioning classes for high intensity work intervals and lots of sweat. We use many different pieces of equipment to beat boredom, challenge you and get results.

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