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Client Testimonials

Feedback is critical in developing programs that members will not only benefit from, but are excited to work through. Your training should be something you look forward to each and every training day. A website can claim anything it likes, but the members give the best depiction of what Ritual is all about.

I started training with Mike over six years ago and fully credit him with showing me how strong I can be and inspiring me to continually push myself. Now that he and Tony are working together, the workouts have only become more challenging. Amazing trainers, great gym and an overall incredible vibe at Ritual.
- Julie Usenik

Really love this Gym. Mike & Tony are awesome. They are very patient and will help you improve your techniques at all costs. (Slowly but surely) Ritual Conditioning has a family feel to it. Both the trainers and members look out for each other. You feel at home at Ritual. The work outs are fun and challenging. I now look forward to going to the gym. This is big for me, as I am one of those people who pays for a gym membership and doesn't show up, because am just not motivated. But this is not the case with Ritual! The trainers have faith in us and that motivates and pushes me to do more. I have being attending this gym for about six month now and have seen vast improvement in my strength and techniques. Lastly. I forget to say the gym is super clean too. Kudos Ritual!
- Lena Gilpin

Ritual is a fantastic gym and provides amazing programming. I have been a part of this gym for almost two years, the results are fantastic and the workouts are challenging and varied. Mike, Tony, and Beth are great instructors, and a hallmark of great instruction is providing opportunities to differentiate activities according to individual levels. Need further differentiation? Simply grab a bigger bell :).
- Dan Karas

I joined the gym about July 2014 when it was under Mike's training/banner Evolution. I joined because friends of mine were murmuring about their tender newborn muscles and I asked how that came to be. (Truthfully a bit jealous - my muscles had not cried out in happy growing pain in a long while). They told me about Mike and his gym. I was hooked when they ended their description with "it's my kind of gym". They were right!!! As a gym newbie (NEVER been in one before) I am thankful for the non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere promoted by Mike, Tony and my fellow workout comrades. LOVE LOVE LOVE kettlebells! They are efficient and work the entire gauntlet of the body, fingertips to toes and in my opinion... the kettlebell is the superstar of functional training. Mike and Tony live up to the billing - premier kettlebell trainers. Mike offers inspiration in his inimitable powderpuff Pavel way and Tony skillfully boosts my flagging form/energy/resolve...whatever the case may be... and keeps me up and at it. One night not too long ago our group was shown the routine and we were told ..."You can do this. You are strong." I floated on that for a long time...still do.
- Pat Barnes

I have been going to different gyms and tried many different training programs over my adult life and this is, bar none, my favourite place to be. The environment is welcoming and the quality trainers are not only knowledgeable and encouraging - they are interesting and funny. When I am pushing myself and am exhausted, their levity helps motivate me and continues to make the challenging workout a fun one. I have never been in better shape in my entire life and I have dropped three dress sizes since starting in 2011. I had a hard time recovering from my back surgery until I started training with Mike. I am now pain free, move well, am lighter, stronger and have great flexibility. If you are serious about putting the effort in and want a place that is fun, will help you reach your fitness goals and make you feel fantastic (both while working out and about yourself in general) come get your ketttlebell on! I really can't recommend them enough!
- Angela Shymko

"I really enjoyed the Origins class. Tony is obviously well versed in kettlebell, including the safe and proper way to learn it. He is a great instructor, his enthusiasm and encouragement never failed. In previous boot camps or general workouts, I would often get back and knee pain, not in this class! It took one instance of back pain for Tony to quickly evaluate the problem area, show me some stretches and modify moves to avoid any injury. The stretches were so useful and spot on that I have not had back pain since learning them, and had no problem continuing with the kettlebell training (and no knee pain whatsoever). The small class size was great, and Tony is just awesome. Learning kettlebell was as fun as I thought it would be and I hope to continue with it! "
- Jennifer V.P.

"I have known Tony for 3 years and met him while we were both part of a Kettlebell class with a different instructor. Tony has since become certified to instruct the use of Kettlebells and I joined his own class, with his instruction January 2014. There is a distinct difference between how Tony instructs vs my previous experience with Kettlebell class instruction. Tony loves what he does and it shows in how he teaches, and in his attention to detail. He provides what comes across as very individual instruction, even though in a class format. He truly wants his participants to reach their goals knowing each person’s goals might be different. It is a pleasure going to his classes."
- Colin R.

"It is nice to have small classes with the same people each week. "Drop- Ins" can throw off the dynamic of the class and cause repetition in lessons. Small classes also make it easier to have one on one instruction and ensure that everyone is doing the exercise correctly. I am not a "gym person," I often prefer to work out at home. However, the gym staff are friendly and it is nice to have a space separate form the rest of the gym to work out. My progress and changes... I have noticed that I am stronger then I was before I started the class. My muscles were sore during the first 2 weeks of class but now I feel more adjusted. I haven't noticed a dramatic change in my appearance but overall my body feels "tighter," if that make sense! I did not "work out" for a couple years before starting the class. I jog and occasionally do yoga but that was about it. I was worried that the class would be too hard and that I would not be able to keep up. That was not the case, the class progresses at a good pace, not so fast that it is difficult to keep up but fast enough that I do not get bored. The class is not intimidating and is a great way to get back into exercising."
- Amy L.

"Tony is one of those guys who is passionate about what he does... Also about what he knows but it really comes through in how he passes his knowledge to others. His classes are small and that means a lot of one on one attention. That attention is directed at making sure you have the proper form and the right muscles engaged so you aren't going to hurt yourself. Every exercise we've ever done was described and shown to me in full with directions as to what is to happen at what point and what you should have engaged. I have never had this focused type of training before and the results are showing at home in the mirror. My energy is at an all time high, I actually look forward to going to class, and I need a new belt. I have NOT lost any weight but my body composition has changed that much in 2.5 months. Thank you, Tony, for being so different than what you normally find in the world of personal trainers."
- Trevor B.