Let the People Speak!

Here’s what Ritual students have to say about their experience here:

"Finally! Who knew such a place existed?? The classes work the entire body (without having to do the dreaded burpee!). They have created such an awesome culture in this gym-- focusing on whole body wellness in a truly fun environment. I've seen tremendous results:

  1. It's fun and varied-- I haven't reached boredom,
  2. There is more than one giggle to be had per session.
  3. Work outs are modified and tailored around any physical injury I have.
  4. The coaches instruct me in exercises and stretches to overcome existing limitations.
  5. My boyfriend should be writing this testimonial-- he goes on and on about how much stronger and sculpted my body has become (my rear end is looking pretty fine these days)
  6. You can come as you are-- people of all ages and physical abilities are welcome.
  7. Cranky, negative people are forbidden.

Absolutely love this place and these people."

- A. Richardson

"I started training with Mike over six years ago and fully credit him with showing me how strong I can be and inspiring me to continually push myself. There are amazing trainers, a great gym and an overall incredible vibe at Ritual."

- J. Usenik

"Ritual is a fantastic gym and provides amazing programming. I have been a part of this gym for almost four years, the results are fantastic and the workouts are challenging and varied. They have great instructors, and a hallmark of great instruction is providing opportunities to differentiate activities according to individual levels. Need further differentiation? Simply grab a bigger bell :)."

- D. Karas

"I joined because friends of mine were murmuring about their tender newborn muscles and I asked how that came to be. (Truthfully a bit jealous - my muscles had not cried out in happy growing pain in a long while). They told me about Mike and his gym. I was hooked when they ended their description with "it's my kind of gym." They were right!!! As a gym newbie (NEVER been in one before) I am thankful for the nonjudgmental and encouraging atmosphere promoted by the coaches and my fellow workout comrades. LOVE LOVE LOVE kettlebells! They are efficient and work the entire gauntlet of the body, fingertips to toes and in my opinion... the kettlebell is the superstar of functional training. One night not too long ago, our group was shown the routine and we were told, "You can do this. You are strong." I floated on that for a long time...still do."

- P. Barnes

"I have been going to different gyms and tried many different training programs over my adult life and this is, bar none, my favourite place to be. The environment is welcoming and the quality trainers are not only knowledgeable and encouraging - they are interesting and funny. When I am pushing myself and am exhausted, their levity helps motivate me and continues to make the challenging workout a fun one. I have never been in better shape in my entire life and I have dropped three dress sizes since starting in 2011. I had a hard time recovering from my back surgery until I started training with Mike. I am now pain free, move well, am lighter, stronger and have great flexibility. If you are serious about putting the effort in and want a place that is fun, will help you reach your fitness goals and make you feel fantastic (both while working out and about yourself in general) come get your kettlebell on! I really can't recommend them enough!"

- A. Shymko

"I've at training with Ritual for years now and it's by far the best gym/training experience out there. Very knowledgeable coaches who have helped me regain mobility and strength. Also have made some amazing new friends."

- W. Erasmus

"Awesome gym! I’ve been working out with these coaches for almost four years and I’ve never felt more fit in all my life. Workouts are comprehensive, fun and never repetitive. The coaches listen to their clients and are willing to provide modifications to work around injuries or fitness levels. This is not the gym where the trainer yells in your face or pushes you to the point of injury, there is a good balance of encouragement to do your best and not phone it in either. I work out here four times a week and never feel bored or unchallenged. Bottom line, working out here is fun and you’ll meet tons of great people while getting in shape! "

- S. Nagy

"Ritual has created an amazing community with amazing energy. I have never been made to feel insecure or incompetent in any way during my time in the program. Every single member of the team is genuine and it is obvious that they want to help you out in any way they can to achieve your goals. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to become hopeful, healthier, stronger and most of all confident!"

- Christa M.

"The trainers at this gym are fantastic. They are encouraging and positive, it's easy to see that they love what they do and want to help their clients achieve goals without pushing. They allow the client to go at their pace while still challenging personal/physical set limitations (whether it be modifying a move to suit for injury or to get you out of a mental block).

It allows a foundation to be built on to. Seeing other clients reach goals or push past previous boundaries is amazing and inspiring for the rest of the class to witness and the encouragement and acknowledgement from the trainers and clients helps to build each other up. Haven't felt so genuinely welcomed in a gym setting before joining Ritual Conditioning."

- R. Powell

LOVE for the Coaches

Sarah Bozman, Calisthenics Coach

"There are lots of high-energy trainers in the city but none with the energy of Sarah. She shows up to each session bubbling with excitement of what might be possible.

For more than 35 years, I have had the mental model of what my body can do and not do. Sarah shattered those beliefs! Now I'm doing things on the rings I never thought possible. Sarah has learned my body and slowly pushes it to new frontiers in strength and flexibility I never dreamed of and we are laughing and having fun along the way. "

- Hank VW

Ryan Grzech, Calisthenics Coach

"Ryan has a magical power of being so relaxed and easy going yet somehow making you work hard. Before I knew it, I was getting handstand hang time, doing pistol and shrimp squats, hanging upside down on rings while also gaining core strength, upper body strength and better mobility.

Ryan also knows countless progressions that can be done no matter what level you are at and places great emphasis on exploring your own individual calisthenics journey instead of comparing yourself to others or worrying about looking silly. To me, the classes have become one of my favourite ways to "play" as an adult! "

- Angel G.

"Ryan is passionate about calisthenics and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and his classes feel like play, fun and games but they challenge you to the core! Ryan motivates me to push past my perceived limits and try new things, and I almost always end up surprised that I am capable of more than I thought I could do. Great coach - highly recommended!"

- Larysa W.

"About two months ago, a hiking trip to the mountains made me realize how unfit I was. I decided to take action and was looking for something that was low cost in terms of equipment and readily accessible... the answer was calisthenics. I signed up for the calisthenics classes and was introduced to our instructor, Ryan. When it comes to bodyweight training, be it muscle mass building, mobility or flexibility, Ryan knows his shit.

He's an excellent instructor who emphasizes correct form and a complete range of motion for an exercise. I truly appreciate the individual attention that he gives to everyone in his class, from people that are advanced to beginners like myself. He has a true passion for calisthenics, which sometimes feels contagious and is highly motivating. Taking calisthenics under Ryan's tutelage over the last several months have definitely helped me get stronger, shed about 15 lbs. in weight and improve my flexibility. Thank you Ryan for all that you do."

- J. Khamba

Beth Acton, Kettlebell Coach Extraordinaire

"Elizabeth is a great coach! During my time working with her I saw great improvement in my strength, stamina, and flexibility. She has a fantastic approach to training - she will push you, but will make sure it's within your capabilities, and ensures that you're not sacrificing proper form for GAINZ or your own personal ego.

All the coaches are great to work with and are very knowledgeable. If you're looking for an alternative to a box gym, this is a great place to be! There's a great mix of people at different levels of strength and conditioning and anyone will be able to fit in to any class."

- Colby A.

"Beth is very creative in structuring and progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. No two classes are ever the same! She knows when to encourage and when to push you out of your comfort zone and genuinely cares about people. Fantastic coach - very knowledgeable and passionate about her work!"

- Larysa W.

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